Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well I did say this was a knitting and writing blog so I thought I should put something down about my other love which is writing!

I have about six novels on the go and I've been writing them for more years than I can actually remember - so long that way back then I used a manual typewriter and certainly didn't know how to use a computer...

I like to write fantasy fiction as it means you can just make up so much stuff like worlds and complete races of people and then throw them all together and see what you get!

The first novel is complete - I just keep adjusting it. Having cut out great big swathes of the first couple of chapters a few years back I decided to restore it as I felt I'd cut out a lot of character developement and background. Its now currently hibernating so when I read it again it will be sort of "new" to my mind and I can judge better how it flows.

This means I've been working on chapter 18 of the second novel. Basically I've been mulling a lot of stuff over in my head before committing it to memory stick. This is fun! Its like disappearing off into your own little fantasy world and playing with the characters. It helps me get to sleep at night, it relieves the boredom of long journeys or even passes the time during the adverts on TV!

You never know, one day I might even get around to trying to publish something but for now I'm happy just to have fun.

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