Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Suzie's Easy Felted Bag

Well I've done it and its finally finished - just needs a button which I will buy from town later. Here's the pattern for anyone who would like to have a go themselves. Any problems please let me know!

Suzie’s Easy Felted Bag

100% Aran Wool from Kerry Woollen Mills. Comes in 200g skeins but only the following amounts required.
Dark Jacob approx 50g (MC)
Brown approx 20g (CC1)
Light Jacob approx 20g (CC2)
5mm straight knitting Needles
2 x 3.25mm double point for I-cord fastening
4 markers
1 Button
Gauge not important as felting.

Bag (Front, bottom and back knit in one piece)
Work in stocking stitch throughout.

Cast on 40 st using MC and work 12 rows in st st.
Change to CC1 and work 12 rows in st st.
Change to CC2 and work 12 rows in st st.
Change to MC and work 12 rows, placing a marker at each end
Work a further 8 rows in MC , placing a marker at each end of eighth row (these 8 rows are the bottom of the bag)
Work a further 12 rows in MC
Change to CC1 and work 12 rows in st st
Change to CC2 and work 12 rows in st st
Change to MC and work 12 rows in st st
Continue with MC and cast off 3 stitches at the beginning of next 2 rows (34 st)
Change to CC1 and work 4 rows
Change to CC2 and work 4 rows
Change to MC and work 4 rows
Keeping to colour pattern of 4 rows, decrease 1 st at each end of every row until 14 stitches remain.
Knit 1 row
Cast off pearlwise.

Strap and side panels
Cast on 7 stitches.
K1, P1 to last st, K1
Repeat this row forming moss stitch and knit until work measures approx 120 cm which is about 270 rows.
Cast off.

Sew strap to sides of bag using the markers as a guide, being careful not to twist strap
Make I-Cord by casting on 3 st onto DPN’s . Knit but do not turn. Push stitches to end of needle then knit, making sure the first stitch is pulled tight. Once the I-cord measures 6cm break off yarn and pull through stitches then attach to flap of bag.
I just felted mine by putting it in the washing machine with a pair of jeans at 50 degrees for two cycles. Once felted, shape whilst damp then dry flat.

Approx size before felting: Height 23cm, width 23cm, depth 5cm, handle 73 cm
Approx size after felting: Height 20cm, width27cm, depth 5 cm, handle 79cm
I thought it would shrink a bit more but its grown in places but the fabric is nice and dense which is the effect I wanted, hence using the 5mm needles.

Please feel free to use this pattern for personal or charitable use but please don’t try to pass the work off as your own!

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